Why Hire A House Cleaning Service

Most people work at least a 40-hour week. Some even more, so the last thing they want to do on days off is clean house. To be honest, few people have the time to do a thorough house cleaning in one day, especially with all the other chores and errands that must be taken care of on off days. Check out Mississauga Cleaning services for more info.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks?

 Even if chores can be divided up between family members or housemates, it is hard and time consuming to get down into the nitty-gritty of baseboards, blinds, vents, and ceiling fans. Yes, those items need to be cleaned too. Oh, and who is going to wash down the cabinet and door facings? These are the details that most individuals do not think of on house cleaning day, but over a period of time the dirt and grim add up.

Ceiling fans and vents, probably the most over-looked of all household chores, will eventually tell on themselves. When the house seems to be collecting more dust than ever, it is likely due to ventilation, and when ceiling fans are turned on for the first time, or the direction changed for the season, the grimy dust flies.

Baseboards, doors, and cabinets are more visible, but they are also very time consuming. An experienced cleaner takes care of these as a matter of course, and seems to know all the tricks of the trade to do the job quickly and efficiently. The same goes for cleaning blinds, lampshades, and dusting around wall hangings.

When most people clean their homes, they sweep, mop, dust, and clean kitchens and bathrooms. The deep cleaning items do not get the attention they need, and items such as vents and ceiling fans can actually add more dust as quickly as it is swiped away.

Even when we clean our tubs, toilets, and showers are we really deep-cleaning, down to the grout, slime, and grime? Most of the time we are not. Most of us give our homes a “to the eye” clean, but do not really sanitize the parts of the home where the most germs collect.

Dusty Fire Hazards

 If we really give our kitchen a deep down clean that means sweeping behind the stove where not only dust collects, but cooking grease and food particles. Too close to electrical and gas fixtures, these can become fire hazards. Then there is the refrigerator. Did you know that if the coils behind the refrigerator are not cleaned regularly that it affects cooling efficiency, and presents a fire hazard?

Typically, the laundry room is never cleaned. If it was, all those missing socks would be reunited with their mates, as well as a few towels and face cloths. Just like the stove and the refrigerator, dust collects and when linens and other clothing items are trapped behind, this also presents a potential fire hazard.

There “Mite” Be Dust

Dust bunnies under the beds are no joke. Dust mites cling to dust particles and these are breathed in during sleep. People who have carpet never really know how dirty their floors are, unaware of the hazardous dust particles, mold, and fungi lurking beneath that lush pile. Most housekeepers use professional grade vacuum cleaners that work much better than the typical cleaners bought at department stores. Carpets need a thorough vacuuming at least once per twice per month. Who has time for that?

People with hard surface floors can see the dirt, pet hair, and dust building up and are more likely to sweep up at least every other day. However, keeping hard surface floors clean and sanitized is a big job. Daily dust mopping is great maintenance, but mopping or steam cleaning the floors is a back-breaking job.

You Are the Reason

 Those who use a cleaning service find they have more time to do their laundry, clean out drawers, closets, and the garage. But, some services will do these additional items for a fee. You work hard, you should be able to play equally hard. Hiring a housecleaning service means more time with family, friends, or just some precious you-time. There are many types of services from which to choose, some with the capability to choose and book cleaners online. Many services charge per room, or per hour. You can choose which works best for your needs and your budget.